Chronic Disease Management

We accept Chronic Disease Management (CDM) referrals previously known as Enhanced Primary Care (EPC). CDM patients will receive treatment in accordance with the referral form and a treatment plan will be determined by the Exercise Physiologist in liaison with the client.

We strive to assist our clients in developing knowledge and control over their condition and self-management of an exercise program.

CDM Consult $52.95 (Bulk Billed)


Maintaining physical fitness & strength whilst living with ongoing chronic illness & vision impairment has been my real life challenge for several years now. Thanks to the Self Image team's specially tailored exercise programs & through adopting a very healthy (vegan) diet, I have been able to lose body fat & build muscle mass, despite battling Lyme Disease since 2004 & later in 2013, Multiple Sclerosis.

I firmly believe that my regular gym sessions in a supportive, more mature environment has helped me keep a positive mental focus, particularly as a relatively young person no longer able to work through permanent disability (vision loss). I have made many good friends at the gym who offer incredible encouragement, understanding & words of wisdom as I continue on my personal journey to wellness. I consider Self Image Fitness to be much more like family, to be valued & appreciated.